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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another thing that might help some Americans, Canadians, and others to save some money when calling USA/Canada is Magic Jack for about $20 per year after you have device..


All you have to do is plug it into a USB port on a computer (it is the size of a small zippo lighter but weighs less) and it downloads the software into that computer and mine needed the Vista upgrade found on their fix page on both my computers even though I am running XP on both my computers and then it worked great and I have used it to call all over the USA and it says you can call Canada, and the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as well for free as often and as much as you want to and since there is no way for it to know where in the world it is when it is connected, then it will ring when called from the USA also as well and let you make calls to the USA from anywhere that has fast access and a computer. It is a VOIP unit but hooks to the computer instead of the router.

If in the Philippines there are many that sell the device just go to sulit  classified ads below and see who is currently selling including several in cebu

4.  http://shop.ebay.ph/ just search magicjack

5.  or check http://www.cebuclassifieds.com/j
ust search magicjack
If your outside the Philippines just to Magicjack website and buy directly at http://my.magicjack.com/ or you can also buy on ebay!Be aware that this is a usb device, required internet, and it doesnt work as well as a LAN device which doesn’t have to have your computer on to work.  See my blog entry on the skype device that allows you to make and receive calls even when the computer is off but must be bought offshore as the are no local dealers I have found here yet. Amazon or Ebay are good offshore suppliers.

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Ooma a MagicJack replacement with no computer needed! Free calls to USA


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